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Hello, my name is Alex Puwale. I grew up in the Karatu, Arusha area in Tanzania around Lake Eyasi. I am a certified Safari Guide. I grew up with the Hadzabe Tribe and the Datooga Tribe, as well as other tribes. Currently I can speak five different languages including English, Swahili, Hadzane, Datooga, and Iraqw. I can take you on a variety of cultural and/or nature tours. I know all of the hidden gems and can take you off the beaten path on my tours. Check out my Tours and Safaris section.
I also wrote a book called, Get to Know the Hadzabe Tribe: An Interview With a Tanzanian Hunter-Gatherer Tribe. It is a first-hand interview with members of the Hadzabe Tribe answering questions and telling their own story. This book provides a voice for the Hadzabe Tribe and helps people understand them better.