The Hadzabe Tour

The Hadzabe Tribe Tour

I give guided tours to the Hadzabe camp where the tribe is still living like their ancestors did over 10,000 years ago. Here you can see them in their everyday life. I will teach you some of their words. They speak a language that includes clicks with the tongue. They will take you out hunting to find a bird, a small mammal, or a baboon. You may look for clean water with them, search for honey, gather baobab seeds, or dig for tubers. They will teach you how to make a fire with sticks. They will show you how to use their bows and arrows and you can target practice with them. They will demonstrate their dances and songs. You may be invited to join in with the dancing. You will be able to participate and observe their daily life. It is a very fun and educational experience for the whole family.