In Tanzania there are over 1,000 species of birds. Lake Eyasi is a shallow salt lake in the Great Rift Valley where you can see water birds such as flamingos, pelicans, storks, ibibes, spoonbills, egrets, etc. In the woodland and savannah area there are kingfishers, the African hoopoe, barbets, weavers, sunbirds, hornbills, parrots, the honeyguide bird, etc. Some other birds that can be spotted are flycatchers, plovers, pipits, wagtails, bulbons, etc. These are just some of the amazing birds that we can spot, hear their songs, and identify on my birdwatching tour. While walking you can access remote areas by foot and reach places off the beaten path.


Take a tour to visit hot springs and caves. Visit the hot bubbling springs nearby the village of Lang'angarer.

Beyond the springs you will visit the caves, called the Mumba Caves. Here you have a chance to see the ancient drawings made by the Hadzabe Tribe.

We will then visit a place by the caves and learn about how the Hadzabe men make their poisonous arrows. The poison comes from a plant called the desert rose. When the sap from these plants is boiled down it makes a highly concentrated poison. The Hadzabe rub this posion on their arrow tips and use it to hunt the larger animals such as the zebras, kudus, impalas, and elands. Off the beaten path you can become an observer and a participant.